Camping in Himachal

01 Himachal Camping Activities

Camping in Himachal is perhaps the best way of enjoying the wonders of nature given to Himachal and sharing the warmth of its people. You can carry your own gear along - or opt for any of the several camps that are pitched in various parts of the state. These camps offer accommodation, catering and a variety of activities like hikes, fishing, nature-tours and rafting. Most of these offer quality facilities and services. Himachal Tourism has camps at Sarchu in Lahaul, and in addition to built-accommodation, tents are available at Sangla and Kalpa in Kinnaur, and at Kazza in Spiti.The Youth Hostel Association of India, runs camps at Dalhousie and at Kullu-Manali. Camps run by the private sector are in Baspa (Sangla) valley and at Kalpa in Kinnaur, at Tabo in Spiti, at AI Hilal (Taragarh) and Dharamshala in Kagra, at Shoja near Kullu, and at Mashobra and Baldian near Shimla. Adventure camps are likely to be available soon in the Pabbar valley, in the Jubbal-Hatkoti-Rohru area.

Important Camping Sites in Himachal are as given below

02 Sangla Valley Camping Site

Sangla Valley : Baspa valley ( also known as Sangla valley ) is one of the most beautiful valleys of Kinnaur. It starts from Karcham ( 1,899 meters ) where the Baspa river coming from the east joins the Satluj. The road for Baspa valley branches from the Hindustan Tibet road at the river junction and after turning south crosses the Satluj over a bridge to reach Karacham. The valley open up beyond Sangla and is full of wooded slopes as far as Chitkul ( 3,435 meters ). Chitkul is the last inhabited village in the valley surrounded by green fields and high mountain peaks. It is like a Fairyland. The quaint little houses, temples, gompas and the people of Baspa valley conjure up a perfect image of "Shangri-La"

The beautiful Sangla Valley has to be the highlight of your Himalayan camping holiday. A mere 30 Km from the Tibetan border, the Sangla Valley was closed to travellers until 1992 and even today is quite untouched by civilisation. Situated at an average height of 2700 m, Sangla Valley is a place where you can unwind in style as you wake up in your cosy Swiss style tents to the chirping of birds.

You can enjoy the breathtaking views of Himalayan peaks and snow covered mountains, go for a walk in a valley bursting with exotic fruits, flowers, birds, butterflies and Himalayan wildlife or walk to nearby villages of Batseri and Rakcham and meet the local inhabitants, the Kinnauris. At Banjara Camps you'll surely wish you could stay forever.

03 Tabo Camping Site

Tabo : 3,050 metres ) It is 47 km. from Kaza. At the right of Spiti river, is an ancient village named Tabo, flanked on either side by lofty brown hills and sun burnt, is the seat of one of the most famous Buddhist monasteries - Sherlang, Duang, Chamba, Chibbo, Domlang Gompas, regarded by many as only next to the Thelong Gompa in Tibet. The 10th Century Tabo monastery houses more than 60 lamas. Large number of scriptures and pieces of art, wall paintings - 'Tankhas' and 'Stucco'. Tabo has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

At Banjara Camps shivers of delight await you. The camp is located at Tabo, where it sometimes actually feels that time stopped over a 1000 years ago. The Tabo Monastery or Gompa is centuries old and second in importance only to the Tholing Monastery in Tibet, in the entire Buddhist Himalayas. Amidst this barrenness, broken only by the sounds of mountain rivers crashing over the rocks, Banjara Camps is a welcome sight, with all the warmth and caring of home around a bonfire, music and chatter.

04 Chail Camping Site

Chail : ( 2,250 meters ) Situated 45 km. from Shimla.. This was the ‘Summer Capital’ of the erstwhile Patiala State. The small town is located amid thick woods and has fine walks. It has the highest cricket ground in the world. The dense forests around are alive with many species of birds and animals but it is best known for its ‘Scottish red Deer' which were introduced by the Maharaja. With its carpet of lush green meadows and thick Deodar forests, Chail offers a tranquillity simply unimaginable in today's fast paced life.